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Who We Are

We are a group of Venetian guys dedicated to the cult of the Most Serene Venetian Republic, which we consider the best prototype for a good government. We decided to found a cultural association in order to celebrate the glorious deeds of our ancient Venetian Fathers. The Venetian government lasted for more than 1,300 years: this does sound unthinkable to the modern cranky States the world is forged in. The existence of our historical Venetian Nation was based on Peoples’ natural right. Our main purpose is to pursue the restoration of that perfect model of civilization that was Venice. This can be done through Patience, Study, Respect, and Love. Our cultural association, the “Venetéka” – a political entity which does not support any party, ad is not supported by any party nor institution -, is therefore dedicated to the dissemination of the Venetian History and Culture through books, historical documents, pictures and drawings, cultural events, Venetian items and gadgets (which can be found in our pages under the menu “gadgets and products”), in order to spread our political aims and sensitize people about the importance of knowing one's roots and traditions. Our aims focus primarily on the most representative chapter of the Venetian civilization: the glorious Republic of Saint Mark!

Our engagement in this cultural project requires our best efforts. We hope You are going to appreciate it! Have a gorgeous time with us in the name of Saint Mark!